DIY love coupons

   Before Christmas, I decided to do something really special for my boyfriend, beside his regular present. So I started searching  the internet for some DIY gifts for your bf. And that`s how I came across the love coupons. And wow, there were so many ideas.
   I also found some website from where you could simply print them, cut them, put them together, and voila! DIY love coupons. But they seemed a little bit unpersonal to me. I really wanted to go all the way with these coupons, so I decided to start from scratch and do them all by myself.

   My luck was that my brother made some wedding invitations for some friends a few years ago, and he still has some great leftovers which I could use.

  I cut these little cute rectangulars from the red carton, all the same size. I didn`t want the coupons to be simple, so I used some wedding invitation crafts to make them more interesting. In the picture above, you can see that I used that little blue board to make some cute patterns on the coupons.

I also bought some childs book, where there were some stickers with little hearts, which I used on almost every coupon.

This is how my desk looked like while I was making the love coupons

About what I wrote on them.... I spent almost 2 weeks finding the perfect things to write on them. I wanted to be special, and have all kind of things. We don`t live together, so I couldn`t use things like breakfast in bed, or I will wash the dishes when it`s his turn. Instead, I thuoght about the things he likes. If you need inspiration, here are some things that I wrote:

  • a walk whenever he wants, wherever he wants
  • I will give him a 30 minutes full body massage
  • 15 minutes head massage
  • dinner on my treat at his favourite restaurant
  • a night with the boys (I just had to put that one too)
  • I have to try a thing that he loves and I hate   
And also some other very personal things, that happen in bed, and that`s something that should not be shared :). On the last coupon, there were some informations about how they work, like the fact that they can only be used once, they expire within a year, and that all depends on our financial, emotional and demographic possibilities. I wanted to keep things simple, and also a little bit funny. There are so many things you can put on these love coupons, it just depends on every relationship.

After I wrote them, I just made two holes in each of them, and at the end, I tied them with a little piece of ribbon. And done!

When I gave him the present on Christmas, he was amazed. He just loved it! He loved all the my ideas, but especially he loved the fact that it was all done by me. It wasn`t perfectly made, I could`ve done better, but the fact that I made it myself was the most important thing.

It took me about 3 hours to make them, (besides the 2 week thinking) and it was all worth it! My problem now is that I think maybe I should have left this idea for Valentines Day. But I was so excited with it, and I couldn`t wait. And now I have no ideas for Valentines :))

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  1. Such a lovely idea and so pretty #InspiremeMonday

  2. Who doesn't like to receive a gift that is so thoughtful and handmade with love!

  3. That is such a cool idea. If I made one for my husband he would want to use them over and over.

    1. Haha, thank you Mary. My boyfriend would have loved that too. That is why on the last coupon I specificaly said that they can be used only once :)

  4. Sharing on the Hearth and Soul Facebook page! This is such a lovely, thoughtful idea - and a frugal one as well. Personal gifts like this are so much more meaningful with all the thought put into them. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Hearth and Soul.

  5. This is such a fun way to give a Valentine! Thanks for joining us at Wonderful Wednesday and stopping by my fb page to say hi! It's much appreciated.

  6. Great ideas! And very loving indeed =) P.s. Found your site via April's Hearth and Soul Party =)

  7. Perfect idea for Valentines. Personal from the heart gifts mean much more than anything you can purchase.

  8. Great idea, especially for Valentines. A handmade gift means so much more. Thank you for sharing at Link It Up Wednesday!

  9. This is great! I love personal gifts more than the generic ones like socks! I'm an artist so I usually go along the creative sides of things- I made a painting for my parents last Christmas and a photo album for my twin sister! If I ever get a boyfriend I might copy this brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!


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